Thursday, July 19, 2012

Secret Sister- July 2012

заключительный пакет от Secret Sister порадовал меня сегодня!

эти крези-бабочки принесли его на своих крыльях :)

кроме бабочек там были:

тесьма - кружева



интересный пакетик с мотивом ромашек, и к ним бисер-ленточки- тесьма для оформления.

а эта малютка -
 я думаю  мотив для текстильной броши . 
Возможно что я его  присовокуплю к счастливому коду от Юли
 он удивительным образом подходит и по размеру - 5см 
и по цвету ,
( фотовспышка сделала ненатурально яркими цвета.)

Secret Sister до сих пор пока остается для меня  миссис Х,
 никаких опозновательных знаков.

Thank you my Secret Sister your kindness and generosity are much appreciated our souls must be linked as you know exactly what I like and need, this makes me very happy inside (as well as outside lol). Your attention and time is very much appreciated. I hope when the game finishes our link will still continue. You are my first Secret Sister and shall always hold a special place in my heart (next to my first boyfriend lol).


  1. Dearest Tatyana, You are most welcome, I am sure we shall remain friends! I apologize I forgot to enclose a note! Your first Secret Sister is Marianne in New Jersey, USA. Surprise! I am so glad you enjoyed my small gifts! I read on your blog that you like spiders, hence this month's contributions. The ones with the bead hole in their bellies are from CrazyJudyth's Stuff. Hugs, Marianne in NJ

    1. Marianne, it is a very nice surprise and really a suprise for me and I'll tell you why, I'm excited now, when I had your brown block with goodies your packing and your style seemed like Dejavous. I don't have your group card now because I sent it to Linda, but when I had, I took your postcard and your little booklet and thought it might be the same but wasn't sure because a letter was different. It was the letter 'R' and something else, but it's you and you won lol.
      I'm so happy and excited.
      Thank you

    2. Tanya, you are most welcome. Enjoy! I love what you did on my brown block, thanks. Hugs, Marianne in New Jersey, USA

  2. ))))Честно заслужила подарочки от жизни)))) Классно... а в наше советское время тайные доброжелатели присылали не бабочек-кружева, а всякаие пасквили. Вот что туманный Альбион с людями делаеть!;)))


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